Business Process Automation

Automate internal processes by developing highly customized workflow management systems adhering to the existing organizational flow. Intuz builds bespoke ERP solution to enable enterprises with high-end scalability and agility.

We have proven excellence in developing advanced solutions for individual departments such as Accounts, Sales & Marketing (CRM), HR (HRMS and Payroll Management system), Operations (Inventory Management System, Purchase and Order Management system), Admin (Asset Management and Fleet Management System).

Streamlined internal processes facilitate enterprises with efficient management of business workflow to attain hike up ROI and least investment.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Go mobile! Leverage mobility to boost up the enterprise productivity by managing business operations from a mobile application. Enable workforce with next generation mobile applications for on the field job to increase their productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. Intuz has already delivered pioneering mobile apps for CRM, Ticket Management, Bug Tracking, etc.

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Product Engineering

Intuz has hands on experience in building highly customized IT and mobile products to meet your specific business needs. We have successfully developed and delivered the robust products for versatile industry verticals by injecting our deep technical insights to leading-edge business strategies.

Improve responsiveness of your business and time-to-market of the product by allowing us to develop various client facing solutions like mobile apps, IoT-based products, web applications, etc. for you.

Product engineering services provider

Managed Cloud Services

Being Amazon’s Consulting Partner and having a team of Amazon Certified Professionals, we help enterprises in an intuitive management of dynamic business processes by evolving revolutionary applications or software based on a cloud platform. Improve the elasticity, agility, and flexibility of your organization to unlock new opportunities and accelerate immense growth.

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Re-engineering, Upgradation and Migration

Stay competitive by modernizing your legacy applications using emerging technologies. Intuz optimizes the performance of your existing applications, solutions, software, products and mobile apps through required migration, up gradation, integration, and re-engineering. Embracing latest tech platforms, we help you in scaling up the efficiency of your business.


Our work includes strategy, design and development for some of the world's best companies.

  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality and Travel
  • Education
  • Social Media
  • Telecommunication and ICT
  • Manufacturing

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